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Floating Divs with jQuery and CSS

Let’s take a second to talk about floating elements. I come from ┬áthe days where the only ‘float’ you could find on the web was an ad that scrolled from one side of the screen. Things have changed, for the better too. jQuery makes it easy to now float elements wherever you need. Movement is easy. I have seen this effect in tons of plugins, from CMS to CMS, and the best contain social widgets, or interactive elements. When a user scrolls on a webpage, all of the elements move away from the focus. With a div that floats and keeps absolute positioning, attention is obtained, and more importantly, action is increased.

This demo is a CSS and jQuery combo that will smoothly float a div on the page. I sifted through a few different types of floating divs, and this one seemed to be the best. There is a slight delay with the movement, to make sure the user sees the animation.

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